After a 30% drop in two weeks, where is the ETH low? (Ethereum price analysis)

Any optimism about the rally is fading quickly as the merger promotion date approaches. Two weekly candles closed in red, warning of the formation of a bearish structure. Ethereum lost about 30% of its value during that period.

Technical Analysis

past grizzly

daily chart

Ethereum is forming a lower bottom on the daily chart. Structure, followed by the formation of lower peaks and lower troughs, can be a precursor to continuous depressions. So far, the bears have managed to erase the 50% gain from July (in yellow).

Suppose that the DXY indicator, which has just broken the last top, continues its upward trend. In this case, Ethereum is likely to test the horizontal support at $1,300 in the short term, above the 61.8% golden Fibonacci level (in green).

The end of a downtrend can only come if the price forms a higher top and a higher bottom. Until then, the downward slope remains strong.

Important support levels: $1450 and $1300
Key resistance levels: $1,600 and $1,750

Daily Moving Averages:
MA20: $1,719
MA50: $1602
MA100: $1,521
MA200: $2,166

Source: TradingView

ETH/BTC . Chart

Against Bitcoin, bears have pushed the price down 11% over the past two weeks as attempts to test the horizontal resistance at 0.082 BTC (in red) had little impact. The pair is currently trading near horizontal support in the 0.072-0.073 BTC range (in green). A close and a break below this level may start a corrective wave. The target of this movement is in the range of 0.065-0.066 BTC (in yellow).

Important support levels: 0.073 and 0.065 Bitcoin
Key resistance levels: 0.083 and 0.088 Bitcoin

Source: TradingVIEW

String analysis

Number of Transactions (SMA 30)

identification: The total number of transactions in which the tokens were transferred.

The number of trades on the grid, which has been in quite a downtrend since the record high, rose sharply during the recent bullish phase. This was most likely due to the recently released news about the merger.

Interestingly enough, this indicator fell before the current correction started. This can often be seen as a warning of an incoming situation.

Source: CryptoQuant

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