Bulls’ Eye $0.50 on Vasil Hard Fork . Updates

Fork upgrades 300822

Investors’ focus will now shift to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by ADA trading volumes. Binance Exchange’s upgrade to support the new version will mark a hard fork in September.

Friday, Hoskinson advertiser That three to five of the largest exchanges need to be upgraded to set a specific date.

But the risks of a lower ADA remain. Hoskinson also noted that the hard fork will happen sometime in September except for an unexpected discovery or a significant slowdown somewhere.

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“In order to activate this upgrade, the IOG team and CardanoStiftungs are tracking three indicators of the critical mass that the community will need to reach before the #Vasil upgrade begins.”

After reaching 75% overnight, two collective indicators remain, namely,

  • About 25 stock market upgrades (equivalent to about 80% of the liquidity).
  • TVL’s Top 10 Dapps confirm that they have been upgraded to 1.35.3 in pre-production and ready for the main network.

Overnight, I/O Hong Kong also subscriber Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Crypto.com, Gate.io and HitBTC are being upgraded.

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