Crypto Gibraltar – DLT Business Meets …

The Crypto Gibraltar Festival 2022 will take place from September 22-24 and will bring together the world of crypto-business with the new world of the metaverse.

Festival organizer Pete Burgess says: “The foundation of Gibraltar as a financial jurisdiction is regulation, which is often seen as old-world, but Gibraltar is also an enabler and hotbed for cutting-edge innovation, particularly in the financial sector. Payments.”

He continues: “Gibraltar is, in a sense, a microcosm of the DeFi/CeFi debate. It introduced the first DLT regulatory framework that attracted many of the world’s largest crypto operators such as Bitso, eToroX and LMAX Digital, yet many cryptocurrency experts will say that this Regulation encourages centralization, as opposed to the original philosophy of cryptocurrency. This “tension” is what results in great discussions and fascinating content at the Crypto Gibraltar Festival.”

This year, the festival will attract more than 1,000 people and will be based in the specially created “Crypto Village” next to Gibraltar Airport. It will feature a 700-seat theater, exhibition area, NFT gallery and networking room.

“The main reason people attend conferences is for communication. A lot of people go to conferences and never set their eyes on stage. Crypto Gibraltar is basically a communication event designed to facilitate. We have a half day of serious conference sessions, but we also have a purpose-built networking room and provide enough slots during the day to make productive use of it.”

Crypto Gibraltar also makes sure delegates enjoy their nights. In 2021, a Friday concert was held in a cave inside the Rock of Gibraltar with a light and sound show that reproduced the rock formation. This year they will continue the theme of uniting different worlds, but in this case it’s about the real world and metaverses.

“We will create an immersive metaverse experience where we will broadcast DJ shows in the metaverse club but in the real world.” Burgess says. “We are working with DJenerates – the first group from NFT to celebrate electronic music and featuring top-notch DJs and artists from the top 100 DJ list – and eventually, we will also have Hepworth – the founder of this business who by the way, is also an artist at NFT – He will be playing live.”

The experience will allow attendees to experience both worlds at the same time, with musicians appearing on screen and accessing the metaverse via mobile. Those who were there that night would be able to interact with people in the metaverse, but also see and communicate with people in the real world. “We believe it will be a world first,” concludes Burgess.

Crypto Gibraltar is a must see event for anyone who is serious about cryptocurrency.

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