Japan proposes easing cryptocurrency taxes in a bid to boost the economy

The Financial Services Agency (FSA), Japan’s regulator, is proposing to ease the country’s crypto tax to boost the economy in line with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s vision.

Under the proposed revision, the agency wants to exempt companies from paying taxes on fiat winnings on cryptocurrencies they hold after they are issued, Bloomberg reported on August 31.

It should be noted that the corporate crypto tax in Japan has been a source of contention between regulators and players. For example, high taxes have been cited as a reason not to start new businesses in the country. Hence, potential crypto projects have moved to friendly jurisdictions like Singapore.

Currently, profits from cryptocurrency holdings, along with unrealized gains, are subject to a corporate tax of around 30%.

Tax deductions for individuals

In addition, the regulators’ annual request to amend the tax code aims to implement tax breaks for individual crypto investors. The proposal wants the government to raise the investment limit for private investors while making the tax-exempt system under the Nippon Individual Savings Account permanent at the same time.

In particular, in the current tax exemption system, individuals can have some of their investment gains and profits not included in capital gains tax for a period of time. At the same time, the FSA’s proposal also aims to offer lower fees to individual investors.

Elsewhere, revisions to current crypto laws form part of Prime Minister Kishida’s “neo-capitalist” vision, which seeks to double the family’s wealth and support the country’s Web3-centric business. .

More opportunities for investors

If the plan comes to fruition, Japanese residents will have the opportunity to use their savings on other income-generating projects such as equity investing for the benefit of the broader economy. The country’s tax commission will review the proposals at the end of this year.

Likewise, opportunities in the crypto space have resulted in major players choosing to incorporate the sector into their services to attract investors.

As reported by Coinphony, Japanese giant Shinsei Bank has launched a new initiative to reward customers with crypto-exchange vouchers for opening an account with the institution.

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