Bill Murray’s Ethereum wallet hacked for $174,000 after NFT charity auction

the summary

  • Actor and comedian Bill Murray’s Ethereum wallet, which is controlled by his business partners, was hacked last night.
  • About $174,000 was stolen in Wrapped Ethereum – nearly all of the money was raised through Murray’s recent NFT charity auction.

The Ethereum Pocket wallet Associated with actor and comedian Bill Murray – who used to Selling official NFTs inspired by his life– He was attacked last night after completing this week’s charity auction, say Murray’s partners in The Chive and Project Venkman Decrypt.

In the end, approximately 110 rolled Ethereum (WETH) was stolen from the wallet, worth about $174,000 at the time of the attack. Money was stolen from wallet after auction One exclusive issue from NFT this week on Coinbase NFT, which raised 119.2 WETH, or about $185,000 at the time of the sale. All funds were intended for charitable purposes.

Gavin Gillis of blockchain startup Venkman, which Murray is involved with, said: Decrypt As first noted Unauthorized transaction 108.03 WETH (about $171,500) removed from wallet last night, followed by other treatment for $1.73 (about $2,750). Gillis confirmed that these were the only transactions in which WETH was stolen.

The wallet also contained approximately 800 Ethereum NFTs from Bill Murray Project 1000 which will go on sale next week, along with other NFTs that Murray owns through his business partners – including KryptoponicsAnd the VeeFriendsand Damien Hirst technician.

None of the NFTs were stolen, and all of the remaining Bill Murray 1,000 NFTs—along with those from other projects—were transferred to other wallets in the hours that followed.

Gillis and John Resig, CEO of comedy and entertainment website The Chive (endorsed by Murray) said: Decrypt They filed a police report after the attack and quickly hired blockchain forensics and security firm Chainalysis. They also contacted Coinbase NFT about the theft.

The Chainalysis investigation is still ongoing, but Gillis believes the attackers gained unauthorized access by draining the wallet. Such attacks usually occur after a wallet holder inadvertently interacts with a link used to commit a fraud.

In many cases, the wallet holder signs a transaction that they believe is for a legitimate purpose – such as hitting an NFT or receiving tokens – but which in fact gives broad access rights to the wallet’s tokens and can be used to steal those assets. a A wave of similar tricks It broke out in the spring and summer using hijacked Twitter accounts, among other things.

However, the attacker may have a different entry point in this case. Gillis said a Project Venkman employee emptied his wallet yesterday as well, which Gillis hypothesised could link the exploit to a hijacked work computer.

The Bill Murray NFT auction, which ended on Wednesday, was created to raise money for the Chive Charities Initiative. The money is earmarked to support the care of a three-year-old girl named Evelyn, who Resig says is struggling with the effects of the rare CLDN5 gene mutation, along with intractable epilepsy.

While the ETH money paid by auction winner Brant Bursma was stolen, someone actually swapped the donation. Resig said the runner-up for the tender, called the pseudonym Error 72, donated 120 ETH to replace funds for the child’s medical care. If the hacked money is recovered, it will also be donated to Evelyn’s care.

Hoping to turn a bad situation into a more positive one than before, Resig said, The Chive has Launch a GoFundMe Page To raise additional donations to help Evelyn, with an initial goal of $25,000.

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