ConsenSys launches ‘solid’ NFTs to celebrate Ethereum consolidation

“Integration a cause for celebration,” ConsenSys most dangerous Thursday.

To kick off the festivities, the blockchain company will release “one of the first sustainable NFT drops on the Ethereum mainnet” called Regenesis.

Inspired by join togetherEthereum transfer from Business Certificate (PoW) to Effort proof (PoS), Regenesis will include different versions of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) From “Meticulously detailed worlds exemplify the benefits of integration: durability, security, and scalability. “

ConsenSys Partnership with Artist Chris Skinner and animation companies Keithcity Group for group design.

Decrypt I contacted Skinner and ConsenSys but have not received a response yet. The blockchain company contributed an increase of 10 million dollars Decrypt In April 2022 as a strategic partner.

The group’s main theme, Sustainability, will be presented Ethereums “ambitious re-engineering” of the Web3 world as well as the alleged “2000x” efficiency improvement.

Expected to move to PoS scale down Power consumption by 99.95% since the “Proof of Work consensus on Ethereum currently consumes the equivalent power of a medium-sized country,” according to a report released by the Ethereum Foundation last May.

The limited edition NFTs will be free on the day of the merger, which was sperm For the period between 10 and 16 September. NFTs will be available starting at 9:00 AM EST.

“ConsenSys invites anyone who is curious about our ecosystem to try out native Web3 tools like MetaMask to claim a piece of Ethereum’s history,” the post read.

Crypto Industry Prepares to Consolidate Ethereum

In addition to launching their NFTs for the merger, other crypto companies are making their own preparations for the upgrade.

OpenSea, the industry’s largest NFT marketplace by Trading volumeYou have refusal to support For everyone potential forks that can appear, remember it “It will not be supported or mirrored on OpenSea.”

Ethermine, the largest Ethereum mining pool too most dangerous Intervention services prior to integration. Users, called Ethermine staking, can commit as little as 0.1 Ethereum, as opposed to the massive 32 Ethereum requirement for Ethereum to participate directly in the pool.

Cryptocurrency exchange like FTXAnd the BinanceAnd the Currency baseAnd the Bitfinex All have taken steps to prepare for the upgrade this month, with some offering clients the ability to trade all the fork tokens.

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