Mintology announces the launch of a new brand-centric NFT platform

[PR – Singapore, Singapore, 1st September 2022, Chainwire]

Founded in 2021, Mintology is bringing a new concept to market this year, allowing brands of all sizes to connect with customers, fans, and prospects by forgoing NFTs at no cost. NFTs are used as a claim and marketing tool.

The initiative was launched in conjunction with NFT’s largest global conference, NFT NYC. At the conference, some of the biggest players in the NFT world are showcasing their various products. Mintology believes there are three reasons why brands should accept NFTs:

  • It is the fastest growing technology sector at the moment
  • Dealing with NFTs helps connect with the new generation that has grown up with the blockchain
  • Giving up free NFT is now financially viable

“We believe that every company will have an NFT strategy that they will use to engage with their fans and customers. NFTs will have as important an impact as social media has on business,” said Jason Solis, Managing Director of Mintology.

Mintology’s brand platform will make it profitable to give away thousands of NFTs for free, which was previously not possible due to network fees. Mintology will also eliminate the need for users to download a crypto wallet in order to participate.

To claim NFT, users just need to scan a QR code. This leads them to a landing page where they can collect NFTs. A Facebook or Google account can be used for authentication, with a wallet and Mintable account created automatically. The NFT will then appear in the Wallet and Account.

The new Mintology platform eliminates the cost and hassle of minting by providing gasless minting on the Ethereum mainnet. This will enable brands to provide customers with NFTs for free by keeping costs down to $1-2 per coin. Mintology’s claimable NFT platform provides a fully managed service including QR code scanning; custom landing page; Hosting Solutions Mint Wallet Solution Shop at Mintable Market.

About Mentology

Mintology is powered by Mintable, the mass market for the next generation of NFTs. Mintable was the first to pioneer gasless minting on Ethereum with the latest technology. Users can easily create an account on Mintology and pay for what they use.

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