Bitcoin (BTC) • Up as long as things look good… for indicator: BTCUSD By D7R – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-03 22:07:10

As long as we hold this technical level consisting of the confluence of the quarterly, monthly and weekly openings and the perpetual swap continues to trade below spot prices, it should be considered as good conditions for an uptrend.

anyways. Given the macroeconomic conditions, we must be prepared to change things very quickly and even the bullish targets are more conservative than one would expect.

After all, we are still in a huge downtrend in the weekly and monthly periods. so any rising The positions are still high risk. But to me, these levels make sense from the RR because we’re very close to invalidation and the potentially positive side.

We also have an ETH merge soon, which could mean some comeback volatility .

The long RR trade from here makes sense with a target around 23.2. If you hold, we can talk about the next level 25 kilo Where a certain resistance accumulates in the order books.

❗️❗️❗️ If it trades below 19.2 and fails to get 20k back then I think it’s low 17 kilo The goal is at stake. I would like to see derivatives trading on exchange rates and finance also positive for this to be a fitting overturn of my current view.



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