Cardano [ADA] Finally attach a date to Vasil upgrade – Decode the details

After several months of speculation, Cardano [ADA] Vasil Raising the level of The date has finally been revealed. According to Input Output, the upgrade will take place on September 22nd.

This announcement comes after founder Charles Hoskinson said on August 26 that the ADA team was waiting In fits to arrange everything. With the development means that all exchanges now pulled the key on the update procedure.

Following the disclosure, developer Input Output indicated that it had completed the testing phase. The company has also increased developers’ readiness to meet the demands of the ADA community.

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While the much-anticipated event has stalled with a series of delays, Input Output has confirmed that it will bring a lot of benefits to the ADA ecosystem.

In short, the Vasil upgrade will provide cheaper transactions and increase the capacity of the Cardano network. This announcement comes after Robinhood investment platform included ADA.

For developers, the upgrade provides an opportunity to build better decentralized applications across the ADA ecosystem. It seems that these developers are not planning to wait for the last upgrade before getting started.

According to Essential Cardano, network-based projects have continued to grow. Based on its latest release a reportAt least one project was built every day for the whole month of August.

This brings the total number of projects built to 1,076 in August, to finish from 1,045 at the end of July. In addition, it has risen to 1,082 from a few days in September. All of these involved six million local tokens and 49.1 million transactions in the past week.

Source: Essential Cardano

Despite the increase in the number of projects, the development activity of the ADA fell sharply. feelings show up The reduction has been in effect since August 31. The case may not come as a surprise as Cardano confirmed he is slowing down, developing and preparing for the final touch.

However, Cardano appears to have done most of the work between August 23 and August 30. As for his active titles, there has been some backlash. At press time, active 24-hour ADA addresses have increased to 63,183.

Source: feeling

Where is the next stop?

Interestingly, ADA appears ready to turn the update into a profit for its investors. CoinMarketCap The data showed that the ADA rose by 3.34% to $0.47 in the past 24 hours. Cryptocurrency has also gained a similar share against Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH]. In terms of volume over 24 hours, there was an increase of 16.90% to $657.19 million. So, can the ADA maintain the momentum?

The prospects for ADA failure may be disgusting. This is because the Relative Strength Index (RSI) showed that ADA has maintained stable buying momentum. Maintaining momentum may mean that investors can earn more in the short term before the upgrade is fully implemented.

Source: TradingView

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