LUNCBUSD By FieryTrading – Technical Analysis – 2022-09-03 21:00:00

A while ago, I did an analysis on LUNC and lipids that predicted a lightning move towards the 29,000 resistance target. Then I predicted alcohol market The move that happened now.

🔥 LUNC Rising Goals Achieved - 3 Reasons to Be Careful

Mine alcohol market The 20,000 goal still stands. I was expecting LUNC to have touched it by now though. The fact that LUNC is still trading around 24,000 is rather rising from my point of view.

So, I’ll wait and see how the triangle/flag turns out. A breakout from either side could be the start of a new short term trend.

reconciliation Target: 20,000

rising Target: 29,000

Be patient and let the trade come to you.

LUNCBUSD by FieryTrading
– Technical Analysis – 09-03-2022 21:00:00 – Coinphony [SV]

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