Draw a path for Solana [SOL] After the last downsizing

Solana [SOL] At a critical juncture now, the cryptocurrency market is signaling a reversal of relief progress. With Bitcoin still hovering below $20,000, the hypothesis is not negative for other assets at the moment. Historically, crypto assets have tended to follow bitcoin’s price chart movements.

This was further demonstrated by the time-to-print price of SOL as it returned to $31.08 on the charts. SOL saw weekly losses of 2.66%, along with a moderate decline in the past 24 hours.

Despite this waste, Solana has seen progress in its ecosystem in recent days. This became a similar story for Solana, as previously reported as well.

Show SOL back in town

Despite the red flags across the price charts, the ecosystem continues to grow. Meanwhile, Solana News provided a Modernization The best dApps in the ecosystem. Gameta had the highest activity in Solana with more than 95.8 thousand users yesterday. It was followed by Magic Eden, one of the prominent NFT Markets, which saw the number of daily users reach 34.09 thousand.

Solana news too discussed Solana Ecosystem Top Winners in the Last 24 Hours. Kitty Coin Solana recorded the most promising increase with a slope of 14.8%. It was followed by MIM stock with a gain of 9.6% while Marinade came close to the top three with a gain of 8%.

Another development highlighted that STEPN was Solana’s most traded token, with a volume of $94.5 million. Marinade Staked SOL came in second with a trading volume of $34.51 million. This was followed by Serum which raised $15.55 million on September 2.

The above indicates that Solana is heading in the right direction, despite market conditions. Solana Labs is seeing progress on a blockchain that now offers more parathions than ever before.


There is now a lot of activity in the ecosystem to ensure hope for both users and investors. Solana wants to establish himself as a stable and evolving model for others to follow.

However, one hurdle remains a crucial point of discussion – SOL. The altcoin has been flashing red candlesticks on all recent charts, something that may eventually deter investors.

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