Bitcoin has a bears structure. Expect BITSTAMP to continue: BTCUSD By DemoDiaryFX_Trading – Technical Analysis – 09-05-2022 12:09:27

BTC Currently in bearish Based on the rules of strategy. It’s all in the diagram, and also check out the linked ideas for a better context.

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I = driving leg (inside the IL we can usually see the interior of the hull, which is secondary in nature, as market noise, unless you turn it on LTF because she owns IL)

Accommodation = Hull breakage (based on closing the light body below/above the previous hull thruster)

PhD = Protected high or low (holding current structural impulse)

floating target = Liquidity targets (institutional take profit levels, key targets based on current price action)

rsz, rdz = duplicate Supply and demand Regions (Specific areas to search for LTF affirmations)

If confirmed = Publish only if there is a structure shift on the lower TF within rsz or rdz

๐Ÿ‘‹ Disclaimer: All ideas here are for educational purposes only, not financial advice. Your affairs are yours alone and your full responsibility. I’m not special rising or bearish On a particular instrument, I have no “fixed” bias. I just follow the strategy I learned from my professors and that’s it. We can have very different views of the market and still make a profit. Everything here should be treated as a simulation.
๐Ÿ‘‰ I believe that a trader does not need to expect anything, so the โ€œright or wrongโ€ mentality is a fundamental flaw for all beginners. The trader must find a system that they want to work with in the long run, back-test, back-test and then go live. He is only right when he boots the system, and he is wrong only when he makes arbitrary settings.

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