Hackers attack South Korean government YouTube channel to promote crypto scam

On September 3, the South Korean government’s official YouTube channel was hacked by a group of hackers who used it to promote a cryptocurrency scam showing the image of Elon Musk, electric car mogul and Dogecoin enthusiast.

According to local media Yonhap News, the hackers changed the name of the government channel to “SpaceX Invest” to pretend it was linked to Musk’s US aerospace company.

Hackers target South Korean government accounts

After the hack, the scammers posted several videos of interviews in which Elon Musk spoke about cryptocurrency. However, the government was able to quickly discover the hack and kept suspending the account for 4 hours while they tried to determine the cause of the failure.

The image of the hacked Youtube channel source Yonhap.

A spokesperson for South Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which is responsible for managing the YouTube account, said the government is working with Google in Korea to determine how the hackers were able to carry out their attack, but suspected that the channel’s ID and password might have been stolen.

This isn’t the first government hack this week, as on Thursday the YouTube channel operated by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) was hit by a two-day attack, which ended with the channel being shut down indefinitely.

Crypto-type hacks have increased over the past week

In the past week, several hacks affected cryptocurrency exchanges, government officials, and even Hollywood stars like Bill Murray, who is internationally known for his role in the movie Ghostbusters.

KyberSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, suffered a security breach through malware implemented through Google Tag Manager, which allowed hackers to steal $265,000 worth of crypto. Two days later, Binance confirmed that it had successfully identified two hackers and was coordinating with relevant law enforcement authorities.

Separately, a group of hacking activists has been identified as “Belarusian Internet supportersThey publicly announced that they would sell the NFT containing the passport data of Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, obtained after hacking into a government database containing information on all passports of citizens of the country.

source: Twitter

As recently reported by CryptoPotato, a group of hackers managed to steal $185,000 in ETH from Bill Murray’s private wallet containing more than 800 NFTs, including combinations of CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguin, Cool Cat and Flower Girls. The stolen money was to be donated to care for a 3-year-old girl with intractable epilepsy.

A hacker’s post appeared on the South Korean government’s Youtube channel promoting a crypto scam for the first time on CryptoPotato.

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