Trezor and Wasabi team up to make Bitcoin more private

Trezor, the company behind one of the most popular crypto wallets, has teamed up with privacy project Wasabi to bring CoinJoin mixing to Bitcoin transactions on its hardware wallets.

The two projects confirmed the partnership via Twitter on Monday. The idea is that users will be able to use CoinJoin on their Trezor devices for greater transaction safety starting next year.

CoinJoin One coin mixer that collect bitcoin transactions to hide their origin. Wasabi Wallet is a popular Bitcoin wallet made by software company zkSNACKs that uses CoinJoin technology.

Trezor specializes in cold storage – wallets that store cryptocurrencies offline, the most secure way to store digital assets.

Share Wasabi Wallet contributor Rafe Decrypt which is the goal Tresor Suite Users to be able to send private coins directly from their device wallets.

“You will be able to join our zkSNACKs Wasabi CoinJoin rounds with your hardware wallet in the Trezor Suite app,” he said.

Karo Zagoros, Community and Reputation Management at zkSNACKs, added that the partnership was a “tremendous achievement”.

zkSNACKs and those working on Wasabi Wallet say crypto privacy is more important than ever. This is due, they say, to increased government oversight – and financial transactions can eventually be used to keep a close eye on what citizens are doing.

delusion Tell Decrypt That’s why they work tirelessly on the tools that make Bitcoin, the largest digital asset, even more private. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin can be easily tracked thus Not Anonymous in nature.

Currency mixers – and crypto privacy in general – have been in the spotlight for a long time from the US government accept it Tornado cash last month. The Treasury Department has banned Americans from using Coin Mixer, allowing users to conduct private Ethereum transactions, because it alleged criminals used it to launder dirty money.

The cryptocurrency community erupted after the news, with the Coin Center of the Washington, DC-based crypto advocacy group. A threat To appeal the ban in court.

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