GreenPower Network, a global smart energy source provider, develops NFT system and energy tracking

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With an official public launch planned for later this year, the GreenPower Network outlines how GPN members can use the metaverse platform to earn money as a means of daily rewards.

The latest version of the X-to-Earn app includes the social, competitive, game and sustainability-focused aspects that the GreenPower Network will include to help players use energy sustainably. The GreenPower Network EnergyFi platform is one of the many new additions to Web 3 utility-based applications, which was a new evolution of Web3.0.

While there are many competitors to the X-to-Earn blockchain application, the GPN platform offers users something a little different. Once launched this year, the GPN app will include a built-in metaverse feature that allows users to control and manage their power supply while immersed in virtual reality, allowing them to upgrade, augment, or even customize their power options.

To encourage members to continue using the platform daily, the GPN app offers in-game rewards that can upgrade their energy capabilities. Players can use points to get new blind chests, an in-game NFT loot chest that gives players unique boosts or upgrades. GPN NFTs can also be bought, sold, or traded in a new digital marketplace.

With up to 7 different types of NFTs for power attributes with different rewards, players can be spoiled for choice and even challenged to think of different ways to play with the GreenPower Network:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • flash
  • hydro
  • nuclear
  • dark matter
  • Biomass

More information will be posted on the GPN website at

With this exciting update, GreenPower Network is also preparing to announce a close collaboration with the global power source manufacturer, working on the integration of the NFT + Energy Source system, with testing in the final stage, which will soon be released for beta testing. By combining smart energy sources, blockchain, and Web 3.0, it encourages users to use renewable energy resources and generates token rewards through use to earn, making all verified data on the public blockchain.

The team behind GPN has previously planned with a complex tokenomics system that enables a sustainable token ecosystem that does not produce an abundance of utility tokens or governance tokens. Instead, users have a variety of ways to participate, and even join a pre-launch with PassNFT – so that interested users can join it and get a head start on stacking and earning a Governance GPN token first.

About GreenPower Network:

GreenPower Network is a decentralized platform owned and operated by users who want to participate in the next momentum of energy finance, bringing energy goods back to the people. GPN pioneered EnergyFi’s first use case, based on a “Use-to-Earn” economic model where the GPN community can “use, trade and earn” using the GPN as a platform token. GreenPower Network aims to create a platform where Gamification and Energy-Finance meet, providing the world’s most used commodity in the world’s first X-to-Earn state for EnergyFi.

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Subsequent GreenPower Network and global smart power source provider for NFT development and energy tracking system debuted on CryptoPotato.

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