I still think Bitcoin is going up from accumulating! Binance: BTCUSDT By AtlasTrades – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-06 19:09:58

Hello my friends, today I want to talk to you about BTC .

As I wrote in my last report btc idea i think btc It will reverse and start growing, so the long trading plan from the previous idea is still valid.

until a further notice Bitcoin Trades with some accumulation 19500-20500.

I think we might see false breakouts support level from the region.

Then some time continues to accumulate btc And then the price can leave the range.

I can select 2 of the closest targets, the first is still 20800 and the second is 21800 USD.

So be prepared for such a scenario.

This is an article and not financial advice, always do your own research.

If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments below, and I will answer them.

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