CRVUSDT 3D CRV buy zone ahead of a good potential rally for WHITEBIT: CRVUSDT By P_S_trade – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-07 18:07:05

Today we will look at the CRVUSDT trading pair
Our attention has been drawn to the fact that CRV Buyer kept the above price Strong Mirror Level $0.95-1 Yesterday’s market downturn. As we can see from the CRVUSDT trading history, this area has often played a decisive role support and resistance levels.

In general, at present CRVUSD The price has made a rather weak post-growth correction since June 2022. This could indicate one of two things: either the correction is not over yet, or CRV Owners and buyers aim to hack it trend line And push the price up in the near future.
To cover both defaults at the same time, you can put Buy orders in a wide range of $0.82-1 The result can be a delicious average price.

There is another fact that there are predictions in Curve Finance that can be substantiated by The top of the protocols with assets placed and locked to them ( TVL )
1. MakerDAO ~ $8.0 billion,
2. Lido Finance ~ 6.8 billion US dollars,
3. The curve is $5.8 billion
4. Uniswap ~ $5.6 billion
5. AAVE ~ $4.7 billion

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