Why Ethereum Was Finally Putting in the PoS Chains Project

What will happen to the rewards on Ethereum after the merger [ETH] Proof of Stake blockchain? any idea? Then consider the following scenario.

Deposit is one of the most anticipated features of the Ethereum network after its integration. According to IntoTheBlock, initial estimates claimed that staking will give users between 12% and 15% in rewards. However, it appears that the share will decline after the merger.

Could this explain the stagnation of ETH in staking?

Worth waiting until the end

The significant growth in pegged ETH has accelerated since the launch of stETH, a stock-derived token. But at the same time, the increase in ETH deposited led to a relative decrease in the rewards. In fact, the reward for an Ethereum stake will drop between 6% and 8% after the merger.

This is the reason why dealers have retreated, or rather are planning to undo the network. In support of the former, seeing my path may be useful here.

Currently, ETH has a low participation rate compared to other PoS chains such as Binance (BNB chain), Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, and Polkadot. This is the graph to determine the ratio.

Source: messari

It is quite evident that in the stock race of the various POS chains, ETH is in the last position with an average of 11%. Could this be improved? Possibly yes. “After the merger and Shanghai upgrade, the ratio should be set to a similar value to other PoS networks,” Messari analyst added.

But at the moment things were not going well.

Double in the fall

The exchange rate of Steth on Curve fell to 0.9585 ETH. Currently, there are 155,860 ETH (equivalent to 22.72%) and 530,141 stETHs (equivalent to 77.28%) in the current pool.

Source: Curve.fi

This may come as a huge shock to some. Consider this, just two months ago, More and more ETH transactions are exchanged for StEThon Curve Finance from the opposite. This means that people bought steth at a big discount.

I want to go out – no matter what

However, there are some concerns regarding stock bonuses. After the betting bonuses drop, the dominant owners try their hand at moving the accumulated ether through different wallets.

For example, a wallet of insolvent crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has removed $33 million in accumulated ether (stETH) from its curve pool, according to chain data.

According to the Dunes dashboard, 29,435 CRVs worth $34K and 31,276 LDOs worth $69K were also swapped on CoW Swap. Hedge fund likely to transfer holdings to Ethereum [ETH] Transfer money to other wallets.

But again, the story(s) mentioned above can see a reversal after the merger as the returns will be higher and anyone can bet accordingly.

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