Queen Elizabeth II Ethereum NFT Tribute Project Held Last Auction

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  • QueenE, an Ethereum-based NFT project, is holding its last Gen1 art auction following the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England.
  • The project was launched in July and has released a total of 73 artworks.

One Ethereum The NFT Project, which has produced dozens of tribute art to Queen Elizabeth II over the past two months, is hosting its final auction of the collection today, following the death of the long-serving King of England.

QueenE launched its auctions in early July, offering Ethereum one NFT Portrait in honor of the late Queen. The project appears to have been created by web 3 builder Fabio Siva and the nickname mladen.ethAnd it was designed to unleash new, procedurally generated pieces at a fixed clip for the rest of the Queen’s life.

The project has changed its look and icon from Noun, an innovative NFT project that auctions one Ethereum-based profile picture every day, while allowing buyers into an exclusive club — but gave it a royal touch by bidding lo-fi bids for Queen Elizabeth II instead. Initially, QueenE auctions took place every few hours, but were mostly launched at a rate of once a day.

Upon the news of the Queen’s death today at the age of 96, The project has been announced The current auction – for the 73 Ethereum NFTs in the pool – will be the last to be issued as part of the original pool. QueenE’s Twitter account has teased a future batch of “Gen2”, but no details were revealed at the time this article was published.

“Rest in Ethereum, Forever” Project Twitter Biography Read now.

As of this writing, QueenE Gen1 NFT’s final bid is 0.5 ETH, or about $825, with the auction ending shortly before 4AM ET tomorrow. The previous highest ETH sale price for any lot in the pool was 1.9 ETH for QueenE #23 on July 27 – valued at around $3,275 at the time.

NFT is a blockchain Signal that represents ownership of an item, including digital goods such as artwork, profile photos, collectibles, and video game items. NFT . Market In 2021Some of her notable collectibles Eight-digit net sales prices Along the way.

Secondary sales of QueenE NFTs have increased since the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced earlier today, and the currently lowest price – the cheapest available item listed on the market – is at open sea It stands at 0.88 ETH, or around $1,450.

As with the names, the proceeds from the initial sales of QueenE NFTs go to the treasury, which is controlled by DAO, or a decentralized autonomous organization – any online group with common interests and membership on a token basis. DAO members can vote on proposals that use the funds (currently 10.10 ETH, or $16,650) for various initiatives.

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