ETH/USD The main trend of the Pamp/Dump cycles. Accumulation / Distribution of COINBASE: ETHUSD By SpartaBTC – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-09 10:11:41

The time frame is one month. Logarithmic graph. The main trend is approx as of May 2016 (the network was launched on July 30, 2015). Then the story of “hacking” and forks in ETC (initially) and ETH (more central).

A week later, ETH will be more centralized and no longer a cryptocurrency (a real understanding of what a cryptocurrency is). In a year or two, there will be no cryptocurrencies left. Decentralization, complete centralization (change of concepts to achieve the goal).

Coins in coinmarketcap: Ethereum (ETH)

The graph shows areas of accumulation and areas of distribution. These are not bottoms and tops. Notice how the percentage of average smart money combination and reset prices differ from the percentage of maximum lows and highs that “dumb money” chases after. Potential troughs and peaks may need to be considered, but the underlying work should focus on average accumulation and distribution.

how to use head (Long-term trend) looks like a line graph Without “market noise”.


1 turn of the secondary direction.


Post-dividend accumulation zone started at -92.69
Before exit buildup and reversal it was reset to -69%.

It is up to you to use it or view it from the side. You should always keep this in mind.

line graph (Trend direction without market noise)


Note that the -69% super recovery before the trend reversal on the line chart is simply not visible. All this is the local fear of “weak hands” surrendering.

So at times like this you can use it or watch it from the side if you feel like the ‘weak link’.
also wider range between the two sessions.


Second cycle of secondary direction Currently.


The bike is now wider. Note that the price is now lower than the -82% high.

Line graph.


The local secondary direction now operates ahead of Paris.

ETH/USD minor trend (fragment). swing Regions. Channel. Paris

ETH/USD minor trend (fragment).  focal areas.  Channel.  Paris

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