Google is counting on merging Ethereum with the “Easter Egg” in its search engine

Google’s doodle is the countdown to the integration of Ethereum, a sign of recognition from the world’s most famous website.

The win comes with Ethereum’s long-awaited move to a less power-intensive proof-of-stake method for validating transactions just days later: three and a half days, according to Google’s count. Typing “ethereum merge” into Google now provides a countdown clock, difficulty (the number of times a miner must calculate a hash to record a block of transactions), hash rate (the total combined computing power used over the entire network), and a cartoon of two happy bears They approach each other with outstretched arms.

If all goes as planned, the two bears should soon fuse to create a panda, which has been working The spell is de facto To transfer Ethereum. The presence of the doodles indicates a level of anticipation for integration that even the biggest tech giants have felt.

One of the first to introduce the doodles on Twitter was an engineer working on Google’s Web3 team.

Sam Padilla, Web3 Customer Engineer at Google Decrypt via Twitter DM. “More recognition should go to the teams that made this happen.”

He pointed out that the rapid transformation of the implementation of features related to the Google search engine does not happen often.

Padilla said the idea took off in recent weeks among Googlers who wanted to create a “cool Easter egg” for Ethereum’s pending transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. The idea surfaced in the company’s internal Web3 community chat.

In response to a user on Twitter, Padilla said that real-time data is retrieved directly from the Ethereum network using some nodes at Google.

The company is becoming increasingly involved in Web3, providing blockchain infrastructure services using Google Cloud. On the Web3 products page, the company lists Nansen, Dapper Labs and Solana among its business partners. Google announced that it formed the Web3 team back in May.

Recently, Sky Mavis, creator of the NFT Axie Infinity game, most dangerous It has reached an agreement with Google to use its cloud services to validate transactions on its Ronin Network, an Ethereum side-chain designed for use in gaming applications.

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