You should be optimistic [OP] Company owners are delighted that the Ethereum merger is underway

OP optimism has not been abandoned as the rest of the market posted double-digit price gains in the past week. In fact, according to CoinMarketCapThe price of the second layer token (L2) has increased by 16% in the past seven days.

Designed as an optimistic cumulative network to improve the scalability of the Ethereum chain, optimism suffer It ranks second as the most widely used L2 solution provider. It is behind Arbitrum with a total value of $1.60 billion.

on Twitter wire Shared on September 8, optimism confirmed that the Ethereum network’s transition to a PoS consensus mechanism will not affect its operations, and that deposits and withdrawals on the network will continue “as usual.” She added that after the integration process is completed, transaction data and permissions roots will be uploaded to the point of sale chain. In addition, its nodes will continue to “read data from the post-merge string”.

Temporary Investors OP

At the time of writing, one OP token can be had for $1.37. Over the past week, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency has increased by 109% on the charts.

More liquidity was also pushed into the OP’s market during the reporting period as the headline numbers rose above their neutral positions. At the time of publication, the money flow index was 62. The asset’s RSI was also set at 54. The Chaikin money flow dynamic line was anchored at 0.02, above the center line of 0.0 indicating a growth in buying pressure.

Source: TradingView

On-series performance

With the proposed launch of Optimism’s EIP-4844 And the Optimism Bedrock Prior to the Ethereum incorporation, it comes as no surprise that development activity on the network has grown over the past few months. according to feelingsThis has seen a 23% increase over the past 180 days.

Expecting a significant growth in the price of the L2 token after the merger, the whales also gradually increased their OP holdings. As a result, addresses containing between 1,000,000 and 10,000,000 OP tokens made up 3.14% of all addresses containing the cryptographic origin.

Four months ago the rate was 2.86%.

Source: feeling

As the L2 ecosystem becomes increasingly competitive, daily Optimism revenue has been steadily declining over the past 180 days. According to data from Token Terminal, daily earnings on the network have fallen by 29% in the last 180 days, 76% in the last 90 days, and 26% in the last 30 days.

In fact, compared to other L2 solution providers like dYdX and Loopring, Optimism’s daily earnings have been the most contradictory over the past 30 days.

Source: Token Terminal

L2s after the merger

Regarding the impact of Ethereum Merge for L2 solution providers, many industry experts believe that L2s will continue to operate as usual. In a recent interview, for example, Bitfinex chief technology officer Paolo Ardoino said: “It will be business as usual for L2s.”

according to Anton Julen, Global Business Director at AAX Exchange, said with the merger, “The rest of the L2s either adapt or benefit from existence.”

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