Chainlink will turn green, but LINK will also follow its color

chain link Its in the news today after it recently announced some updates that could help LINK in this crypto market.

According to one of these MessagesChainlink has launched its new price stream that protects Web3 projects from data manipulation attacks and extreme events such as flash crashes. Using this technology, creators in the Web3 space can integrate a ZIL/USD price feed into the optimism network to build secure DeFi markets around it. nectarines . symbol

However, that’s not all Chainlink has either updated Her supporters about her work on climate change. Chainlink announced that it will work on global carbon credit standards, adding strong incentive models to develop them while complementing effective climate initiatives.

Chainlink, using hyphenAnd the dlcimatedao And the Jungle took too Steps towards sustainability and aspects of climate change.

word on the street

All of these updates seem to have had a positive impact on Chainlink’s social media presence. In fact, Chainlink’s social mentions have increased by 15.98% while social media engagement has increased by 6.55% in the past week.

There were also other bullish signals for LINK, with the altcoin increasing in volume since early September. The volume has increased from 200 million to 503 million since September. Besides, MVRV has also risen steadily, indicating an optimistic future for the cryptocurrency.

Source: feeling

There has been an uptick, quite a bit, even on the developer activity front. Despite its horizontal streak, more updates may be released in the future to help increase the number of troops this time around.

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The big picture is…

However, the path to the top wasn’t ideal for LINK.

The number of active titles has decreased over the past three months. Its market dominance has also waned, with its market capitalization down 4.58% since July. Both of these factors can be a major cause of investor concern.

Source: messari

LINK has increased by 2.64% in the last 24 hours. At press time, altcoin price has broken the $7.38 support and is on track to test the $8.18 resistance.

With the RSI at 64.44, it seemed that the momentum was on the buyers side. In turn, OBV has moved sideways – a sign that some uncertainty may loom in the future.

Source: LINK / USD, TradingView

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