LUNAUSDT Trade Terra2.0 No Leverage and Be Careful near 8.5 for WHITEBIT: LUNAUSDT By P_S_trade – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-13 22:18:22

Terra Luna 2.0 will survive without its algorithmic stablecoin UST It aims to maintain the Terra ecosystem with hundreds of developers working on various decentralized applications. The LUNA token will be issued to Luna Classic players, holders and relics UST The main owners and developers of Terra Classic apps.

Overall, Terra Luna 2.0 is now gaining attention due to the hype news and rapid growth in recent days.
Increased interest and desire to earn a lot and quickly pay market participants with small deposits for trading with high leverage.

Provocation of marginal calls increase volatility Which cancels the deposits of both short- and long-term traders.

moral: If you want to trade this currency, just buy it right away and part of your deposit. Then in the worst case, the maximum that threatens your deposit is a deep withdrawal of part of the deposit, but by no means 0 on the deposit.

Currently, the maximum we are assuming is an increase Lunausdt price for 8.5 USD
Then another deep correction 2.5 USD can start

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