The BITCOIN 3D scam is getting close to a major hack! For the indicator: BTCUSD By TradingShot – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-13 19:02:08

This is an analysis Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) on the alternative and very useful 3D timeframe where we can say that its cyclic behavior is more accurately displayed. As always, the MA50 is shown by the blue trend line, while the MA200 is shown by the orange trend line).

** Cycles of the Bear and the Cross of Death **
First, let’s start with Bear Cycles. As you can see, when the 3D MA50 crosses below the 3D MA200 and forms the famous Death Cross pattern, the market tends to give the last warning of massive selling. It was the last straw on all bikes before the bike hit the bottom of the market.

** Accumulation and breakout of MA50 **
Then on a trend line with higher bottoms as support and MA50 as resistance, the market enters the accumulation phase (blue triangle pattern ), until the MA50 breaks and officially starts rising in the new Bull Cycle. Now, with the MA50 at 25500 and declining rapidly, BTC It is the closest since May 4. Moreover, 3D RSI It just broke through the Bear Cycle Lower Highs trendline, just as it did on January 4, 2019.

**Parabolic high above MA200**
So what now? Well, if the price breaks above the MA50, the odds are high Bitcoin They will start to rise (not necessarily as strongly as in April and June 2019, which were also based on external factors), assuming that macroeconomic conditions do not worsen. Then a new breakout will likely be placed above the 3D MA200 BTC At the famous Parabolic Rally track for the bull cycle. Notice how in the previous two sessions, when the price broke above the MA200 and formed a golden cross (MA50 crossed above the MA200), the price used the MA200 as a support for a parabola rally (except of course the COVID crash in March 2020, which was once in a lifetime).

So what do you think of these 3D patterns and conditions? Do you provide a comprehensive roadmap for this new bike, and if yes, do you expect a solid rally once the MA50 is broken? Feel free to share your work and let me know in the comments section below!

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