BitDegree and Unstoppable Domains to Give $50 Million in NFT Domains to Crypto Learners and Web3

Web3 Unicorn Unstoppable Domains and world-leading crypto educator BitDegree have announced the launch of their revolutionary Learn & Earn campaign on September 13, 2022.

In a joint press release with Coinphony, the two companies revealed that all students who successfully complete a Web3-related course offered through the BitDegree platform will be eligible to receive up to $50 million in non-fungible token domains (NFTs) as a reward.

The goal of the 30-day Learn & Earn campaign is to educate the current crypto community and new entrants in the industry to bring Web3 closer to the public. All graduates of the Web3 course prior to the launch of this promotion are eligible for a free NFT domain.

Danielios Stasiolis, CEO and Co-founder of BitDegree said:

BitDegree and Unstoppable Domains agreed to reward people who invest their time in learning coding and Web3, encourage them to learn more and attract newcomers to Web3 through learning. Web3 adoption will happen faster if we make the crypto community deepen their knowledge.”

he added:

So we decided to launch a massive campaign to get the world’s attention – which we believe is the biggest Learn & Earn campaign in crypto history. In particular, we want our students to learn about Web3’s identity when the time comes to adopt it.”

Web3’s identity

Specifically, BitDegree LearnDrop created Domains of NFT: The Future of Web3 Identity Course to highlight the importance and promise of Web3 Identity. Its primary goal is to address the global shortage of educational resources dedicated to the topic of digital identities.

Sandy Carter, Senior Vice President and Channel Director for Unstoppable Domains, explained:

“Web3 is still in its dial-up days, and education is the key to getting more people up and running. That’s why we’re excited to help more people start their Web3 journey through this campaign.”

At Web2, a group of large technology companies collect and use our personal information, including likes, comments, purchases, passwords, and posts. With Web3 Identity, users can create and manage their unique digital identity that can be used across multiple platforms.

BitDegree supports login with Unstoppable, a simple login tool developed by Unstoppable Domains, because the company believes in the value of decentralization, Web3 identities, and user agency. BitDegree students can use their NFT domain login with Unstoppable to maintain privacy and control over their data.

Finally, earlier this year, BitDegree announced that it would be moving to Learnoverse, the world’s first metaverse to learn cryptography. Notably, current and future coding-related materials and services generated by the Web3 Education Platform or its partners will be migrated to Learnoverse.

BitDegree and Unstoppable Domains to Give $50 Million in NFT Domains to Crypto and Web3 Learners debuted on Coinphony.

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