The Everscale Foundation was launched with the aim of helping blockchain companies and developers

The Everscale Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization based in Switzerland, is launched. The organization was created by members of the Everscale community who wish to enhance the offerings of the Everscale Network’s ecosystem, increase the size of its community and attract new talent.

Last year the leading Asian blockchain network Everscale The much-awaited activation of the DAO Governance Protocol. The result of this activation has been the complete decentralization of network management, whereby community members are now given equal conditions to participate and initiate significant changes in the network. One of the most significant outcomes of activating the DAO was the vote passed at the end of the year that proposed the creation of the nonprofit Everscale that would be tasked with driving community growth, integrating new platforms into the network ecosystem, and identifying and bringing in new development talent.

This foundation, now called the Everscale Foundation, has been officially launched and registered as a non-profit organization in Zug, Switzerland. Due to the decentralized nature of the Network, the Foundation will now fill the critical role of representing Everscale, acting as an evangelist, point of reference, and mediator between the Network and the global community.

Identification and introduction of promising companies and individuals

The Everscale Network now simplifies the process for companies and individuals who want to contribute to the network and use its technology. Enabled by Everscale DAO, the organization will identify projects and individuals who can add value to the network ecosystem and provide assistance as they progress through each step of the setup and development processes.

Working with governments and large-scale projects

Due to Everscale’s unique technological capabilities, the network has emerged as one of the best suited for governments and large organizations looking to integrate blockchain technology into their business models. Everscale has the ability to scale at any network load, regardless of size, without affecting transaction times or processing fees. This gives it a significant advantage over other networks of entities looking to launch interbank cryptocurrency and other mega projects. The Everscale Foundation will focus on identifying projects that can benefit from what the network has to offer and formally bringing those projects into the fold.

Media Partnerships, Marketing Campaigns and Everscale Evangelization

In addition to expanding the ecosystem, the Foundation will also be the driving force behind efforts to increase global awareness of Everscale. Within the organization, there will be a media house that will be a direct point of contact between the network and external media, and will also serve to spread the message around the network and increase the availability of its information. Thanks to the foundation, Everscale will host more of its own events and participate in blockchain-related events around the world.

Although the organization has been licensed by Everscale DAO, it is still an independent entity that does not control the network. In keeping with its decentralized philosophy, Everscale has delegated key responsibilities to the organization while allowing the community to have an important influence on the development direction the network takes. Contributions and governance decisions will still be determined by voting on the network’s DAO.

When accessing the commentary, Everscale’s Marcelo Garcia asked to add this: “Everscale has an undeniable potential to break into the upper tier of market value blockchains. The creation of the Everscale Foundation is a huge step for the development of the network, both internally and externally. Now, third parties will have A tangible way to connect, learn and collaborate with the network and its various projects. We also can’t wait to increase our presence at conferences and events and in the media. Given all the goals Everscale has already achieved, it is time for it to be recognized globally as one of the most dynamic and promising blockchain chains.”

About Everscale

Everscale It is the most technologically advanced blockchain in existence. Powered by an unlimited slicing mechanism, Everscale adapts to any workload at its disposal, without the size of the workload affecting transaction times or processing fees. This makes it the perfect blockchain for hosting CBDCs and other load-intensive projects.

Over the past two years, Everscale has emerged as one of the largest block chains in Asia, with a thriving community and a strong DeFi ecosystem. The network is currently launching an Indonesian campaign that will see it integrate with the Indonesian economy and open new doors for Indonesians in the world of DeFi and cryptocurrency.

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