RVNUSDT By FieryTrading – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-15 17:31:45

RVN is one of the few symbols that I think is nearing the end of its technical bear market. Even with the latest bearish News in the market, RVN appears to be unstoppable and is trading near long-term resistance.

For the next week, this resistance is key. For the bulls, the ideal scenario would be a price breakout and a retest of resistance as support and back again towards $0.10 and beyond. RVN can pull what LINK pulled from the last bear market, ie being one of the few coins still earning during a tight market.

The bearish The case is clear. A reversal from the upper resistance and back down towards the lower support of the channel.

Either way, be patient and wait for the trend to be confirmed.

RVNUSDT by FieryTrading
– Technical Analysis – 09-15-2022 17:31:45 – Coinfune [SV]

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