Celsius: Why a 30% increase doesn’t mean anything tangible to CEL investors

Celsius [CEL] He was in the news and he has a file new update In terms of hearings. Judges in the company’s bankruptcy proceedings allowed an independent examiner to investigate the case. The examiner will be selected by the United States Trustee’s Office, an agency of the Department of Justice responsible for bankruptcy.

On a related note, the Celsius degree also took out one tweet day 15 September. The tweet stated that Celsius will continue to cooperate with the Committee of Unsecured Creditors and the US Trustee. The company is also committed to making tangible progress in its efforts to maximize value for all of its customers.

Celsius also expects to start the process soon.

Symbolic visions (tokens) and more

After the above situation, CEL rate increased by 30% in the last 24 hours. Additionally, her presence on social media has increased. For the past 90 days, Celsius has had interactions on social media, as of press time. 1.2 billion31.46% increase

Even though the price has skyrocketed and Celsius has become a huge part of the conversation socially, there are still reasons to be concerned about CEL.

Celsius’s traded market capitalization has fallen 32.64% in the past month. Moreover, its dominance over market capitalization decreased by 39.02%. There has also been increasing uncertainty about the degree symbol.

Source: messari

Another factor that can influence the degree symbol could be the Ethereum [ETH] joined together. Celsius via Twittermentioned that The company monitored the merger closely. He also stated that setting up any fork or airdrop would affect Celsius’ customer base.

The Celsius short press movement happens to be a red flag for investors. This online move was designed to harm the portfolios of investors who tried to short their CEL token and to profit from the losses of clients affected by the news of the bankruptcy.

We advise merchants to use extreme caution When it comes to the CEL token, give its fickle nature.

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