The Epic Games Store releases the first NFT game: Blanco Block Party

On September 15, US video game developer Epic Games announced the official launch of Blanko’s Block Party on its play store, making it the first NFT game to be included on the platform’s Marketplace.

Blanko’s Block Party beta was launched in 2020 by Mythical Games and has already gained over a million players, according to its developers. The most attractive thing about this shooter is the NFT characters and accessories, which can be purchased on the play store.

The first NFT game on the Epic Games Store is based on EOSIO

The game can already be downloaded for free in the Early Access version until September 28, when the first season of the full game will be released with new visual and navigation improvements.

It is worth noting that unlike most NFT games, there is no need to connect an external wallet to play, sell or buy NFT in Blanco Block Party, as the game allows users to do so internally, although it also supports Uphold accounts.

According to Epic Games, Blanco Block Party is running on a private blockchain based on EOSIO (now Antelope), so there is no need for mining to create or integrate NFT into the market.

“Blanco Block Party is built on a private and authorized blockchain based on the EOSIO infrastructure that uses a Proof of Authority consensus model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work model. Access to NFTs and market integration through our platform requires no mining.”

Metaverse and NFT games have great support

Epic Games was one of the few video game companies to take an optimistic stance on metaverse games and NFT. They announced a $2 billion fund to build the metaverse dating back to last April.

At the time, Epic Games, which is also behind Fortnite and the graphics engine Unreal Engine, said that thanks to revenue from Sony and KIRKBI, it could create new experiences based on its most popular games, becoming a new competitor to Decentraland and Sandbox.

Epic Games stands alongside co-founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, who said on his Twitter account that they would welcome any game that uses blockchain as long as it follows the relevant company laws and regulations.

Even as late as July 2022, Sweeney negatively responded to requests from some users to remove all NFT games from the Play Store after Minecraft issued a statement declaring that they were not involved in the technology.

Additionally, as reported by CryptoPotato, Blanko’s Block Party will likely not be the only NFT game published on the Epic Games Store. The studio has a partnership with Web3-powered gaming company Gala Games, which is working hard to launch an NFT-powered shooter very soon.

Epic Games Store releases first NFT game: Blanko’s Block Party debuted on CryptoPotato.

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