Luart is officially changing its name to Arcnes as the platform appears to be more than just an NFT market

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Luart has announced his official rebranding to Arcnes, a move that will better position the NFT platform to innovate and grow to its fullest potential, because Arcnes is more than just a market; It is a tool for blockchain-based games and NFT projects. Additionally, the platform will help project founders successfully launch and sell their in-game assets along with an unparalleled user experience.

What are the main features of Arcne?

Arcnes will serve as a multi-chain launch platform and marketplace for gaming projects focused on Web3 and NFT. Unlike Luart, Arcnes prioritizes the growth of the game coding system. In this ecosystem, there will be a marketplace where users can trade or sell their favorite gaming NFTs quickly and securely.

Also, thanks to the Launchpad, which gives gaming projects the opportunity to launch NFTs (or IGOs), the Arcnes community will have the added advantage of being able to invest in early-stage companies. Arcnes is also planning to release an SDK that will be a full suite of multi-chain smart contracts to help with gaming projects in Web3.

In addition, Arcnes Grants will provide much-needed financial support for the development of blockchain gaming projects with high-potential founders and teams. Arcnes will also stand out from other platforms with Horizon, a complete suite, in-house consulting product to help launch game projects and NFTs.

What about past achievements and future goals?

Previously, Luart brought a new way of interacting with the NFT ecosystem to the Terra Network. Unfortunately, many NFT markets lacked the tools to help projects launch, and many projects lacked usability at the time. The Luart platform introduced gamification technology through its unique recording engine, LUA Power, and this benefited the launch of the project and users using the Luart Marketplace.

With the rebranding and re-launch as Arcnes, it will bring the same level of innovation to a new ecosystem. According to the official roadmap, the team will soon begin first community engagement activities and launch the first beneficiary of the Arcnes Grant initiative in the first quarter of 2023. Next year, the team will also partner with traditional game studios and blockchain game studios, with the overall goal of helping more than 50 project on getting started with the SDK.

About Arcnes

Arcnes offers a full range of products and services for blockchain gaming projects. The goal is to help successfully develop and launch these projects, tool, and NFT tokens. It is the first specialized all-in-one blockchain gaming platform in the market.

The Arcnes team is made up of more than just NFT and crypto enthusiasts, as they also have over a decade of experience in marketing and related software development. In addition, Arcnes aims to be the best platform for projects focused on blockchain games.

For more information, visit the official website and the soon-to-be-launched Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium channels.

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