Decentraland’s Delight may not last long given current MANA capabilities

decentralized country [MANA] She managed to stir up social activity in recent days on the back of a huge advertisement. The first tier of the Spanish football league, LaLiga, has entered into a strategic partnership with technology company StadioPlus.

With this deal, LaLiga will be able to showcase the themed lands in Vegas City. Additionally, Vegas City has the largest sports, gaming and entertainment districts in Decentraland, furthering the cause of LaLiga.

Stephen Ibbotson, Head of Franchise and Licensing at LaLiga, said:

โ€œThis license agreement will allow us to reach a new and important audience, such as the one in Decentraland.โ€

let’s get up together

In light of this press release, there has been a significant increase in NFT’s performance for Decentraland. LunarCrush was quick to acknowledge this increase and tweeted about the growth.

The social intelligence platform claimed that Decentraland’s social mentions increased by 89.05% over the week. Meanwhile, the number of social contributors increased by 30.3% during the week as well. Finally, the price of the NFT floor in Decentraland rose to 1.64 ETH, an increase of 9.33%.

Decentral Games co-founder and CEO Miles Anthony also spoke about the significant increase in activity at Decentraland. at recent days tweet, claimed that the network saw some highlights on its platform. This was a huge coup for the network and its users as they head towards the end of the fourth quarter with massive performance.

โ€œYesterday, on the second day of the launch of ICE Poker Flex, we hit an all-time high of 614 DAU (Daily Active Users) and 593 cycles were played,โ€ said Miles Anthony, Co-Founder and CEO of Decentral Games.

What is happening now with MANA?

While Decentraland has shown some promise from the charts, MANA has shown no interest in these developments. MANA saw an unexpected drop this week with losses accumulating to over 10.5%. Additionally, the token is trading at $0.73 at press time according to CoinMarketCap.

Also, lower prices led to a gradual decrease in the profitability of the trader. Last month, the MRRV ratio for MANA was generally below 0. This is a general turnover for short-term traders with losses during the period under review.

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Given MANA’s performance, Alt doesn’t seem interested in going higher on the list price. However, some buying pressure may bring some relief to investors who are holding the token at a loss.

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