Ethereum name service regains control of the EthLink domain in lawsuit against GoDaddy

Ethereum naming service (agreed) regained control of eth . link Domain name after winning a court order in Domain provider GoDaddy suedENS announced late on Sunday.

The parent company of ENS True Names Ltd. , along with previous owners Virgil Griffith, sued GoDaddy, Dynadot, and Manifold Finance earlier this month. GoDaddy allegedly transferred the ENS’s name to the domain name registrar Dynadot before its expiration date and put the name up for auction in what it called the ENS “.breach of contract“that violated the convention that”Respect, recognition and name.

ENS uses the domain to connect “.eth” names to the Domain Name System, or DNS, which is what web browsers use to connect to websites. This EthLink service allows users of the “.eth” domain to create websites that are viewable for themselves using their ENS names and make them accessible from a standard web browser. Loss of access to the domain disrupted the ENS service and its users.

But the crisis was averted. The US District Judge in charge of the case granted ENS’ request for an injunction ordering the return of the name, and the restoration of the EthLink services.

“Our order worked and the name was returned to us,” ENS wrote on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Manifold Finance previously bought the domain name from Dynadot for $851,919, according to domain name cable. in locked wire At the ENS Forum, Manifold co-founder Sam Pasha explained why his company “snipped” The name.

“We wanted the domain name because we intend to create a special purpose trust to provide the legal entity in which key parts of some of our private infrastructure can be held,” Pasha wrote, noting that ENS could buy back the domain name. It is forbidden if you wish. (Pasha did not respond immediately DecryptRequest comments after the injunction.)

In response, True Names Ltd closed the bid for CEO Khoury Whitaker Pasha.

“By court order, the domain does not belong to Manifold Finance and does not have the current right to sell the domain,” he said.

Nick.eth, the lead developer of ENS, previously said Decrypt He was disappointed and felt “misled” by GoDaddy’s actions, but he has yet to respond to it DecryptRequest for a follow-up comment.

GoDaddy representative said Decrypt The company does not comment on ongoing litigation.

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