CLIX Academy improves movie experience with new NFT technology

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A set of unique multi-D NFTs, which serve as tickets to the world of Kleks Academy, will be available for pre-sale purchase on September 27, September 28, and in general sale on September 29.

Kleks – an old story, revived again.

Generations of Polish children have grown up with Professor Klicks, a popular children’s book that became a cult film from the 1980s and attracted more than 30 million viewers. Now the story is brought to life by Open Mind Productions, the team behind the hits “365 Days 1 and 2” and “How I Fell in Love with a Gangster”, which received more than 500 million viewers from all over the world. Maciej Kawulski directs and uses the latest technology to update the story and present it to a global audience.

Incorporating new technologies to transform the cinema experience

The world of Kleks Academy will transform the movie experience – all you need to enter this magical universe is one of the multi-D NFTs, created under ERC-721-compliant contracts distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Klek’s Multi-D NFTs – NFTs with a twist

Kleks Academy multi-D NFTs are six-sided animated NFTs, where each page contains graphics and information revealed in multiple periodic events or discoveries. There will be the ability to switch sides, making NFTs even rarer. These unique works of art come with unparalleled benefits, which will transform the cinema experience.

Changing the NFT landscape with real benefits

NFT benefits will allow holders to participate in the film like never before – some of these benefits include site visitation, casting in the film, appearing as an add-on, access to augmented reality elements of the film and a custom-built Kleks metaverse academy.

FRECKLE $, the fuel in the Kleks Academy ecosystem

Kleks Academy Metaverse will be powered by $FRECKLE, a utility token on the blockchain, with each multi-D NFT, from the time of minting, allocating a daily issue of $FRECKLE to $FRECKLE$METER, with a guaranteed amount of $FRECKLE issued within a 5-year period .

information about us

The Kleks Academy is a limited group of Multi-D NFTs that will live on the Ethereum blockchain, co-founded by the Open Minded Production team. Multi-D NFT is your ticket to the adventure of Kleks Academy, which includes the movie production process, as well as augmented reality and metaverses.

Join us on this amazing adventure full of creativity, innovation and imagination.

For more information, visit our website, order our manuscript, and watch the CLIX Academy introduction video.

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Post-Kleks Academy enhances the movie experience with new NFT technology that debuted on CryptoPotato.

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