Aave Protocol: A growing electoral tendency could do that for AAVE in the fourth quarter

avi [AAVE] He has garnered a large number of electoral interests since then last months. Many collaborations within DeFi and the banking sector may be the reason for this new interest. In addition, an increase in V3’s TVL could lead to an increase in electoral interest.

But will AAVE be able to keep growing or are the whales just diving fast at AAVE?

It’s a WAL . party

On September 19, Santiment published an insightful article showing a keen interest in whales at AAVE. Aave’s main voting headlines with between 1k and 1 million AAVE tokens are up 54.5%. This was the highest sum these titles had ever owned.

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Go ahead, Ives dDevelopment activity has seen a huge increase over the past week. This indicates that the Aave team is working hard on their technology. Also, the introduction of updates and new features may be around the corner.

Token volume has also seen a rise. Volume has risen from 70.83 million on September 18th all the way to 123 million at the time of writing.

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Some Big Leaps for AAVE

Aave has also made significant progress in the DeFi market. They entered into cooperation with Flashstake DAO Which enables users to participate in Aave and get their revenue instantly, in advance. Users will not have to wait for returns anymore.

Aave has also made good progress on TVL and V3 protocol growth since May. Although there was some volatility in the wake of the August peak of $1.67 billion, TVL appears to be gaining momentum. Additionally, the insured total present value at the time of writing is $1.17 billion.

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But before entering into any trades, investors should remember that there are some bearish indicators to consider here as well.

Aave’s dominance on social media has waned over the past month. This may indicate a lack of interest in the crypto community. Aaves’ market value has also been declining and this development may be a concern for future investors.

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