BTCUSDT 6h How Fed Meetings Affect BTC Price for WHITEBIT: BTCUSDT By P_S_trade – Technische Analyze – 2022-09-21 16:46:48

Today, the attention of participants in all markets: cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. is related to the meeting of the Federal Reserve and the amount of price hike. forecast + 0.75%

before we analyze BTCUSDT A graph of how the rate reacted to the Fed and Mr. Powell’s statement, it is worth understanding one thing:
Indicators of fear and “pain” are simply off the charts. Many investors are already like lemons under constant stress, fearing that their deposits will drop and on the psychological edge of giving up and what happens next doesn’t matter. During such periods of psychological distress, even the slightest positivity looming or even the absence of more negativity can lead to rapid growth. The first wave of growth may be due to the mass exit of short positions. The closing of short positions by large and medium-sized funds or investors buying in the market, this equals Big green light.

Inflation has already peaked, and by late 2022 or early 2023, the Fed rate may be higher than inflation . In this case, the regulator gets the green light for stimulus, the “dollar presses” start at full capacity and the markets rise. This was the case in March 2020, when the markets started to get support on the back of the Covid-19 crisis, look at or remember trading history in this way.

Now regarding Fed rates, expectations, facts and market reaction:
……………………. Facts…. Predicted…. Previous
2022-09-21, ……………………… 3.25% ………….2.50%
27/07/2022, ………..2.5% ……..2.50% ………..1.75%

As we can see from BTCUSD Schedule:
– 15.06 The rate was raised 0.25% higher than expected, first the prices were raised, but then the lower level was updated by -16%, and the lower level was set for 2022.
– On 27.07 the rate was raised to the expected + 0.75% and Bitcoin The price is up about 17% in the next three weeks.
– 21.09 If the price is raised to the expected + 0.75% or less, the markets will undoubtedly rise. If you increase the rate by +1% or more, which speeds up the possibility of starting a printing press, a short-term downturn in the market is possible. Starting this fall, large funds can tear up small and medium-sized “long players” and, in case of increased trading volumes, sharply close short positions and turn into long positions. This is a double buy, a big green candle on the upside and a V-turn on the volumes.

The most negative forecast that can be seen now is a decrease in BTC Price in 15800-17200 dollars with suffix sharp He buys.
If you are a medium to long term trader, now is, in our opinion, the best period to place limited orders within the Buy Network to get a tasty average price as a result.
Closing old longs is too late, and opening new shorts is dangerous.

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