Savuvest Launches SAFV Token Presale, Set To Launch Defi App

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Blockchain-powered fintech app Savuvest has launched the Presale dollar token SAFV after it previously raised $100,000 in a private round.

The presale of the $2022 SAFV token begins and ends after 45 days. Interested investors who wish to participate in the pre-sale can do so by clicking on this link.

“We are excited to launch our pre-purchase event, and another important step in our roadmap is the completion of our audit and KYC certification,” said Mr. Soeterbroek, Safuvest Project Manager.

What is Safevest?

Safevest is a blockchain-powered platform that allows digital asset holders to trade and exchange their assets, use them as collateral to borrow stablecoins, or stake their assets to earn interest.

SAFV tool icon

SAFV is the original tool code for the Savuvest ecosystem.

Users who own SAFV tokens, the token of the Safuvest platform will be able to pay the trading fee on the platform and they will also be able to raise the interest rates on the Savuvest platform.

SAFV will also be used to offer rewards to users who participate in their SAFV tokens.

How to buy SAFV tokens in pre-sale

Early investors who want to get SAFV tokens early can visit the token sale page, register and join the pre-sale below.

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