BingX: The first crypto exchange with copy trading support coupons

BingX, the leading social cryptocurrency exchange, is excited to be the first in the industry to offer copy trading support coupons, which can help cover losses for users.

Copy trading allows inexperienced users to copy positions opened and managed by other selected individuals automatically. On the other hand, copy trading helps imitators to trade to a much higher degree than their level of experience; On the other hand, merchants can earn extra income by helping copiers earn. As the best social trading platform, BingX provides a powerful environment where copiers and traders can gather, communicate and earn money.

Now, copy trade support coupons are designed to protect their users from potential losses. If the user activates support coupons for copier trading, BingX will reimburse any losses in the copier’s transaction (within the value of the card and coupon). This voucher acts as a safety net and allows users to enter and exit positions with popular coins like BTC, ETH, MATIC, LUNC, OP, STG, PSG, ADA, SHIB, DOGE, CHZ, and IDO without fear of losses in their trades.

“Copy trading is our unique offering and we are always looking to improve the trading experience for beginners. By offering copy trading support coupons, new users can easily try out trading strategies without incurring losses. We believe BingX will lead the field as always by leading the way for more new technologies”. said Elvisco Carrington, Director of Public Relations and Communications, BingX.

BingX continues to explore new and innovative solutions to create a user-centric experience for users and will release the latest version 3.14.0 for iOS and Android on September 22nd. The latest version also includes a new feature in the standard futures section that now provides support for displaying the current trader’s position, enhancing the trading experience on the exchange.

About BingX

Founded in 2018, BingX is a social crypto trading exchange providing instant, derivative and copy trading services to more than 100 countries around the world with more than 3 million users. BingX connects users with expert merchants and the platform in a secure, simple and transparent manner.

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