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Mad Backpacks, WeWay’s first Find-to-Earn game, expands the range of games in the genre.
The growing number of Move-to-Earn games has led to a major breakthrough in the development of the market. There are dozens of new apps that aim to motivate people to do something useful – exercise, learn something new, acquire new skills, etc. A vivid example is the Australian STEPN project, where people can earn income from crypto-mining by running in the morning in specially designed “virtual running shoes”.

Mad Backpacks offers players a mix of everyday life and coin collecting. It is similar to Battle Infinity, a Metaverse P2E game that combines gaming and virtual world and offers players many advantages. The creators of Mad Backpack focused on the natural blend of routine and gameplay. The simple game promotes an active lifestyle and socializing.

People meet other players, create teams, learn new information and don’t just sit around. In addition, Mad Backpacks unites healthy activities and earnings, combining the best features of Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn genres, such as Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained and Sweatcoin.

The gameplay in Mad Backpacks is simple and straightforward. The player uses the scanner and issues coins and a prize of 1 dirham. Coins are located on the map, so the player can decide which coins to collect and then move on to them. AR mode can be turned on whenever you want. The player can start the game to collect coins from both map and augmented reality mode by pressing the “collect” button, which appears if the coins are closer than 5 meters from the player. In AP mode, the player sees the location of the coins and lucky coins, the distance to the MAD prize, and the current chance to find a loot chest.

Fuat Fatullayev, CEO of WeWay:

Nowadays, there are many different opportunities to earn cryptocurrency. By playing online games, people participate in various activities and get real codes and cryptocurrencies, which they can convert into regular money, withdraw or invest further. The Play-to-Earn field is new, and it takes time to start working more stable and long-term. However, Mad Backpacks clearly has great potential as they have already amassed a large community that is still growing.”

About WeWay

WeWay is the first entertainment ecosystem of its kind that creates a complete place for creators to interact with their audience. The platform provides innovative tools to increase viewership and monetize content, allowing fans to get closer to their favorite creators.

The company provides a multi-threaded token and entertainment ecosystem with the NFT Marketplace for creators, celebrities, and fans. In addition, WeWay strives to build the Influencer Metaverse and already provides experiences, fundraising, live broadcasts, exclusive member clubs, and voting mechanisms.



The Mad Backpacks market that promotes the transition to earning debuted on CryptoPotato.

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