TRZ Token continues its way to breaking the barrier…

Just a few months after its launch, the first instrument of the TRZ token has made its mark in the cryptocurrency world.

Origin, the dynamic QR code that transformed traditional businesses into cryptocurrency

Origin is the first instrument for TRZ token, a crypto asset developed by Valencian Startup Traceable which, thanks to its launch, has raised over €3 million.

Across Origincompanies operating in the food sector will be able to create dynamic QR codes that tell the story of their products. The safety and security of the information added to the QR is ensured thanks to its storage in the blockchain.

After generating a completely free QR code, companies will have the possibility to contract the service by acquiring it TRZ . Codes And keep it in your wallet.

How do companies respond to TRZ Token?

One company that is part of Origin’s success stories is undoubtedly Vara del Rey, one of the service’s “early adopters.” Vara del Rey is a traditional company with livestock origins, with over 120 years of experience in raising livestock. They have switched to tracking so that they can quickly and easily convey their goal to consumers.

The company’s quality managers, without fear or apprehension, agreed to buy cryptocurrencies as a means of acquisition.
Despite this, it must be remembered that the adoption of new technologies such as cryptocurrencies or blockchain still follows its own rhythm, so it is necessary to be an attendant in processes such as the purchase of crypto assets or the creation of wallets.

Today, Traceable can proudly say that it is one of the first startups in the world that was able to help traditional companies break the entry barrier for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the food sector.

success story

Traceable first showed Origin’s success story at the NFT Show Europe in Valencia on September 17th. Tracking him, part of the Valencia Blockchain Hub, was one of the guest speakers at the event. Pablo Rodrigo, CEO of the startup Traceable, TRZ Token, and Origin presented in the talk “Breaking the Barrier of Crypto Adoption in the Food Sector: The Success Story of Origin.”

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