Arbitration: Here’s What Could Be Key to Ethereum L2’s Organic Growth

Ethereum L2s saw a rebound after beating previous lows. Arbitrum is leading the charge following the release of the Nitro upgrade in September despite hacker concerns.

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Arbitrum has managed to hold the largest market share of TVL among L2s. According to, Arbitrum has more than $2.50 billion in TVL with a 52.58% market share among other major L2s. The closest competitor is the optimist, with a share of 1.55 billion dollars at 29.05% of the market share.

Source: L2Beat

Well, Arbitrum has seen steady growth in its Total Closed Value (TVL) since July. From $601.72 million from TVL, Arbitrum has managed to advance to $935.29 million at press time.

The Arbitrum daily chart has also repeated the bullish picture. according to Latest dataThe number of transactions is just under the 270,000 mark on Arbitrum.

source: Arbitrum space

What is even more surprising is that Arbitrum does not even have an original token, unlike other competitors. But that may change now that Arbitrage $ ARB The token is expected to be launched soon.

In fact, Arbitrum has had the strongest user and transaction momentum among the leading blockchain, Bernstein (a wealth management firm) said in a survey. a reportWith this he said, “The airdrop of the early user is imminent…”

Can issuing a token help the platform? Well, it was possible, especially given the past, when Arbitrum’s Nitro launch was a success. Daily transactions rose to new highs (records were broken in September 2021 and July 2022, recording 318,777 transactions).

At the same time, on September 20, open sea The leading Web3 marketplace powered by Arbitrum. Large selection of NFTs, such as duplexesAnd the slight verseThe Gmex Blueberry Club will be available to OpenSea users.

With this development, Arbitrum will be exposed to a large user base that OpenSea once had. Ergo helps Arbitrum grow.

Currently, Arbitrum does not have a native code. However, market players can follow two paths to learn about network growth, GMX and Dopex.

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