Founder Tobias Graf reveals the reasons behind Okse’s Crypto Visa card

[PRESS RELEASE Dubai, UAE, 27th September 2022]

Okse CEO Tobias Graf revealed more information about the company’s encrypted Visa card. The founder of Okse shared his vision for a decentralized future where cryptocurrency and fiat currencies are exchanged seamlessly.

Graff founded Okse with the goal of making financial freedom a reality for millions. His vision is shared by co-founder and CMO Motaz (Eljaboom) and trusted Technical Director Rohit Changediya, who has worked with Tobias for over seven years.

The encoder card developed by Okse is new in terms of using a storage-less design. This means that the crypto component does not require that the funds be held with a third party. Instead, the user retains exclusive control of his or her assets at all times. When converting to Fiat, Oske users can enjoy crypto payments in more than 170 countries around the world. The Oske Cash Card makes it easy to cover purchases large and small, from a cup of coffee to a mechanical repair.

Tobias dares “Whether you are new to cryptocurrency or someone who trades across multiple chains like BNB and Avalanche, the Okse Card is for you.” Built to support a multi-chain future while lowering the barriers to web3 adoption, Oske is well on its way to achieving its goal of bringing crypto-powered payments to millions. The company believes that its Visa card can bridge the gap between traditional financing and new money, while giving newcomers the opportunity to learn about digital assets and the big positives they possess.

About Okse

Okse Wallet & Okse Visa Card is a decentralized financial system created to revolutionize the financial market. Okse Wallet & Card only allows the owner to access and spend their cryptocurrency without counterparty risk at more than 60 million stores worldwide.

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