Binance launches law enforcement training program

For several years now, Binance has played an important role as the big brother of the crypto industry by helping recover funds from users who have fallen victim to theft, fraud, or hacking. But now they aspire to achieve even higher through their cybercrime training programme.

On September 27, Binance announced the official launch of the “Global Law Enforcement Training Program,” which was created to help law enforcement agencies combat financial and electronic crimes involving digital or crypto assets.

As stated by Binance, the training program is led by a team of highly skilled professionals, including security experts and former law enforcement officials who helped crack down on criminal platforms such as Silkroad and Hydra.

Binance offers one-day training programs that include extensive in-person workshops on blockchain, cryptocurrency, legal issues, and anti-money laundering policies.

Fighting crime in all countries

Since last year, Binance has trained its cybercrime and cybercrime investigation team with several law enforcement officials from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Sweden, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, among others.

Tigran Gambarian, Global Head of Intelligence and Investigations at Binance, said that they created the training program at the request of regulators and public law enforcement agencies interested in understanding and combating crypto-related crime.

Currently, Binance’s investigation team has responded to more than 27,000 requests from law enforcement agencies in an average time of 3 days, “faster than any traditional financial institution,” according to Gambaryan.

Binance team has already scored some victories against criminals

Binance said its team can track and combat many types of cybercrime, ranging from terrorist financing and ransomware hacks to more violent crimes such as human trafficking and child pornography.

“Protecting users is our top priority at Binance. We work alongside law enforcement to track and trace suspicious accounts and fraudulent activities, and contribute to the fight against terrorist financing, ransomware, human trafficking, child pornography, and financial crime.”

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance, He said on his Twitter account The software is a novelty in the crypto industry and will detect and prosecute all criminals who try to take advantage of vulnerabilities in digital assets.

On September 3, CZ revealed via Twitter that the Binance security team had identified the two suspects in the $265,000 theft of KyberSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, and had contacted the platform and law enforcement agencies to take appropriate action.

On September 26, Czechoslovakia announced that its office is working with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to identify more than 170,000 victims of Centra Tech scams, with more than 100,000 ETH stolen.

The law enforcement training program appeared after Binance was first launched on CryptoPotato.

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