Kitsumon launches NFT land sale in partnership with top NFT and gaming platforms

[PRESS RELEASE – London, United Kingdom, 27th September 2022]

Following the success of IDO and INO, Kitsumon is pleased to announce details of the upcoming NFT land sale in partnership with top gaming and NFT platforms, including:

  • Babylon
  • Baltasardo
  • DarNFT
  • scotibem
  • Phantom Starter
  • DAOL launcher
  • Liquidity
  • game center
  • mesh clamp

The Land in the Kitsumon metaverse is a staple of the 2023 MMORPG: Professions.

Occupations will allow players to explore a huge multiplayer world where players can use their lands to upgrade their character in 6 different roles, such as farming, cooking, fishing, mining, crafts and alchemy. A full overview of the professions can be found here.

Be a single master or cannon. Become a farming genius and turn your harvest into cash, cook great dishes to ship Kitsus to battle, or relax by the sea to catch some fish. Everything players grow and create in the Kitsumon universe is represented as NFT assets that provide tools for other game modes such as Breeding released last week.

How it works

The land in Kitsumon World comes in the form of 13 types of biomes such as forests, oases, snow or cursed forbidden forest. Different biomes affect players’ careers, mining in bad lands can produce more gems, but players can only grow legendary space mushrooms in the biome that the moon touches! Read more about the different biomes here.

A total of 25,000 plots of land will be created, divided into three categories: Standard, Private, and Premium. The different levels of the country type will unlock additional features, items, and quests for the game.

Special Land unlocks:

– Kitsu Breeding Station to reduce the cooldown period between races

– Additional crafting, chemistry and cooking missions

– Special drinks and cooking recipes

– Increased storage sizes

Premium Land has all the special advantages, including

– Additional tasks for all professions

– Premium drinks and cooking recipes

Triple size storage

The premium plots will be the only land type that can build the exclusive MOBA “Kitsu Battle Arena” building, allowing players to host their own MOBA tournaments when the third game title MOBA: Battle is released next year.

How to get the land

To participate in the initial release, see our launcher partners for details on how to sign up. Launch dates will be on October 26 and 27.

For private and public tours, purchases will be made exclusively with KMC dollars at Kitsumon Maketplace on November 3. The auction date will be confirmed in the coming weeks

For the special round and for early entry, players can join the country whitelist here

main date

  • Whitelisting for private sale begins – Tuesday 27 September 2022 at 14:00 UTC
  • Launch Pads Sale – Wednesday 26/27 October 2022
  • Special Sale White List Expires – Monday, October 31, 2022
  • Mint Special Sale – Wednesday 3 November 2022
  • Public Auction – TBC

Basic information about selling land can be found here in this article

About Kitsumon

Kitsumon is an NFT game all about collecting, raising and caring for cute Kitsu pets. From gameplay to professions like farming, fishing, cooking and the in-depth NFT breeding system, all the way to MOBA PvP and land acquisition modes.

After Kitsumon launched the NFT Land Sale in partnership with Top NFT and gaming platforms debuted on CryptoPotato.

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