Arbitrum can expect a 7-fold improvement thanks to …

Nansen’s Arbitrum Quarterly Report (Q2 2022) has shown some impressive achievements with two major developments: Nitro and Odyssey.

In fact, the Arbitrum team expected a 7-fold improvement in productivity due to the nature of these upgrades.

A detailed report card can help

September was a busy month for Layer-2 platforms, especially after Ethereum [ETH] to merge. However, Arbitrum’s steady growth continued to grab the headlines as daily transactions increased on a quarterly basis by more than 60% despite the unfavorable overall environment.

Moreover, the Nansen report on September 28 sheds more light on the same.

Arbitrum hosts a dynamic ecosystem of dApps and tools that appear in the Arbitrum One Portal Directory. With such a growing ecosystem, on-series performance across on-chain metrics has had some interesting stories to tell.

First, transactions on Arbitrum remained in the range of 40,000-100,000 transactions per day. The chart showed a sharp uptrend that occurred from June 26 to June 28.

Source: Nansen

At the time of writing and according to Latest dataThe number of transactions was just under the 270K mark. This was a huge hike. Meanwhile, Arbitrum’s gas has also followed a similar pattern.

Despite the significant increases in the graph, the mentioned L2 protocol retained a small share compared to other networks.

Furthermore, Massari tweeted on September 29 marked Same thing on the social media platform.

Source: messari

L2 implementations have attracted real use and interest, specifically the Arbitrum’s GMX. Especially now with all the speculation about the launch of the special Arbitrum token. In fact, according to, Arbitrum had more than $2.50 billion in TVL with a 52.58% market share among other major L2s.

all that matters

Arbitrum has had two important pipeline developments. Arbitrum’s Nitro upgrade was recently launched with higher throughput and lower fees.

With the closure of the upgrade, the Arbitrum Odyssey is expected to resume again, which will trigger the launch of the token.

But was Arbitrum ready for the ETH challenge? Well, investors may have to wait a long time for that to happen.

Ethereum trading volume was higher but at the time of writing it was trending sideways for both chains. The trading volume ranged between 100K – 200K and 1M – 1.2M for Arbitrum and Ethereum respectively.

Source: Nansen

Interestingly, during the period from June 19 to June 28, transactions on Ethereum decreased against an increase in transactions on Arbitrum.

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