The NFT sharing feature is now available to all US-based Facebook and Instagram users

The main social media platform Meta has enabled the NFT sharing feature for all US Facebook and Instagram users, as well as allowing them to connect their wallets.

Additionally, content creators and collectors in 100 countries can access the feature.

  • In May, Meta announced that it would be testing the NFT sharing feature with a small number of US creators and aggregators.
  • Now, the tech giant Meta has officially unveiled the functionality to all users in the country who use Facebook and Instagram, where they can link their digital wallets to both social media platforms.
  • Additionally, US-based users can now post their digital holdings across the two social media giants. According to an updated blog on September 29th,

“Today we’re announcing that everyone on Facebook and Instagram in the US can now link their wallets and share their digital holdings. This included the ability for people to post their digital holdings on both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, anyone in 100 countries can now be available Where digital holdings on Instagram have access to the feature.”

  • As previously reported by CryptoPotato in August, Meta has launched support for wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, and Dapper Wallet. The company also supports the Ethereum, Flow, and Polygon blockchains.

The NFT sharing feature now published to all US Facebook and Instagram users has debuted on CryptoPotato.

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