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Welcome everyone! This is the 24 day time frame. We are at high risk of another leg drop because of the following:

Yellow K line under purple D line = reconciliation feeling.

The red line touches the green line while the green line goes down; It indicates downward pressure with just over 12 days remaining in the current 24 day candle.

The green line above extends below the AQUA 10 level; Which indicates that price action has increased the odds of a dip to or below the lower aqua bar b. The Aqua Lower B-Band is currently at $14,500.

The red line may fall below the AQUA 10 level, the light of the next 24 days; Indicates that price action may drop from AQUA’s lower B band. So yes, there is even a chance of falling below the lower B-Band water band.

Also note that the Aqua Lower B-Band is currently going down. This means that the price of the Aqua Lower B-Band will be a lower price than what we see in the current 24 day light.


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