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ive here. Cryptocurrency has been in circulation since 2017 and later it went into stocks. I have 3 board exams in financial markets and I studied economics from undergraduate university for 1 year. Day job – math teacher. 👩🏫

If you followed the previous analysis, you are lost now that we have looked at the weekend Bitcoin . close under support area would mean bad news for BTC and maybe more bearish price movement. However, one close above the white resistance area It would increase the chances of more rising price action for Bitcoin . The candle did not close in either direction, instead it is still holding between the two bands. Now, from one candlestick analysis see two rising Candles are trying to squeeze the top of the resistance, but this area will be heavily guarded by bears. Bulls will also need to defend this level equally, because if this support area Lost $12,000 looms.

From a technical indicator perspective, we are optimistic the sound In this range but with little price trend. This can only mean one thing – Bulls and bears take each other There are roughly an even number of buyers and sellers. The question now is who can hold out the longest?
It is also worth noting that there was an increase in spy in the last 24 hours. There is currently a 68% association between BTC And the spy I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin Follow Standard & Poor’s 500 up to 3.618 Fibonacci retracement resistance area .

A quick look at another technical indicator, Super Trend, shows that on a higher time frame, Bitcoin still under consideration bearish . All in all, at this point it is really the final conflict between buyers and sellers. This is an electoral game now, beware of leverage!


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