Elon Musk, after calls for the extradition of Crimea, apologizes that he “still strongly supports Ukraine”, but fears escalation

He wrote about this in response to a tweet by President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he asked Twitter users to vote on which Elon Musk would prefer: who supports Ukraine or Russia.

“I remain a firm supporter of Ukraine, but I am convinced that a large-scale escalation of the war will do great harm to Ukraine and possibly the world.”– Musk answered the vote created by Zelensky.

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American businessman Elon Musk said that one of the possible outcomes of the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war would be the formal consolidation of Russian power over the occupied Crimea and the “re-election” in other occupied territories. He stated that due to the fact that the population of the Russian Federation is larger, “the victory of Ukraine in an all-out war is unlikely.”

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