Russia Blocks Access to Crypto Exchange OKX

Russia has blocked access to OKX – the world’s third largest crypto exchange by volume – at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office on Tuesday.

Search for the scope of the exchange under data from Roskomnadzor, the Russian Internet censorship agency, Offers The site is blocked in accordance with Article 15.3 of the Law of the Russian Federation on Information, Information Technology and Information Protection.

This article protects, among other things, against the spread of false information, threats to financial institutions, and calls for extremist activities. However, no specific reason has been given for blocking the site at this time. OKX did not respond immediately DecryptComment request.

The local NGO Roskomsvoboda also included in the list of blocked addresses. The organization, dedicated to monitoring Internet censorship, uses a similar name to the Russian censorship agency, but replaces the latter half with “svoboda” (which means “freedom” in Russian) instead of “nadzor” (which translates as “oversight”). .

OKX is not the first exchange targeted by Russia: the Binance website was also blocked by a local court in June 2020, as originally reported by Binance’s regional director for Asia Gleb Kostarev in Facebook posts. Then, Binance claimed She did not receive any complaints from the government, and was not informed of the blacklist until three months after its implementation.

“The issuance and use of bitcoin is completely decentralized, and there is no way to regulate it by the government, which is inconsistent with current Russian law,” the court said. claimed true then. However, Binance managed to overturn the ruling in January 2021.

Since then, Russian agencies have worked quickly to sort out the place of cryptocurrency within its current regulatory framework. The Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Russia have been at odds for some time over whether or not to ban cryptocurrency from the country completely.

In recent months, they managed to find a middle ground. On the one hand, the State Duma and President Vladimir Putin passed a law ban Cryptocurrency as a payment method in July. On the other hand, the country’s government has expressed its openness to the use of cryptocurrencies in international trade – particularly as a tool transcend Western sanctions.

In compliance with EU sanctions, Binance has been forced to do so limitation of services For Russian citizens in April.

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